Serving Katy & Greater Houston area

Patient Safety Practices

We value patient safety more than anything at the Medical Office of Katy. Our management has put in painstaking efforts to maximize safety practices for both patients and medical staff members.

High-Quality Care

We provide high-quality clinical care to our patients including correct patient identification, avoiding diagnostic errors, and preventing infections and other risks. The medical office of Katy ensures that all sensitive patient information related to their medical history or finances is kept secure. This helps save the patient from embarrassment, frustration, or financial loss, and helps the organization guard against potential regulatory issues.

As a primary healthcare provider, we completely take care of patients’ physical and emotional needs even if the treatment involves a prolonged stay in our office.

Preventing Risks

Our patient safety measures minimize risks including infections, injuries, and medication errors. The management at our office follows strict sterilization and sanitization policies which leads to reduced patient infections, including pneumonia or surgical site infections.

We adhere to social distancing by spacing our waiting room seats at least 6 feet apart to ensure a safe distance from one another in order to keep all patients and our employees safe.

Proficient Staff

Our medical staff has received comprehensive infection prevention training, which includes thorough patient screening and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) when providing patient treatment. Every day, we follow CDC recommendations and safeguards, and our patients will always have the option of virtual appointments.

The COVID19 antibody test is still available, and we continue to suggest that anyone who suspects they were exposed to the virus or may have had it get tested.