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Cancer Screening

Cancer screening allows doctors to diagnose and treat various types of cancer at an early stage, making treatment easier and more successful. Primary healthcare providers at the Medical office of Katy advises of cancer screening is right for you or when exactly you need to see a specialist.

How do you prepare for a cancer screening?

Going in for a cancer screening may be a stressful process, and the dread of receiving a poor result might deter some patients from scheduling an appointment. You need to be more calm and relax during this process as early diagnosis of cancer is way better than detecting at a stage that it can’t be treated.

What to expect during a cancer screening?

The diagnosis of cancer involves different tests. A basic X-ray imaging examination can identify cancers and abnormal masses. A blood protein test, tumor marker test, or complete blood count (CBC) can all assist detect abnormalities that could indicate blood malignancies including lymphoma and leukemia. It’s important to remember that odd test findings don’t always mean cancer is present, and cancer might exist even if first blood test results appear normal.