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EKG or electrocardiogram may be recommended by your doctor to look for signs of cardiac problems. It’s a test that uses small electrode patches applied to the skin of your chest, arms, and legs to record the electrical activity of your ticker.

What exactly does your doctor monitors during the electrocardiogram?

During this test, your doctor will be able to monitor the following activities:

  • Examine your heartbeat
  • Check to see whether your heart muscle has insufficient blood flow (this is called ischemia)
  • Recognize the symptoms of a heart attack
  • Examine any abnormalities, such as thicker heart muscle
  • Identify any severe electrolyte abnormalities, such as excessive potassium or calcium

What are the risks involved in an EKG?

EKG is a completely safe procedure as the electrodes used do not produce electricity, there is no risk of electrical shock during the test. The electrodes merely record your heart’s electrical activity.

When the electrodes are removed, you may experience minor discomfort. Some patients get a little rash where the patches have been applied.