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Dr. Humera Naqvi is a very experienced, kind, and trustworthy doctor. I recommend her to all my family and friends.

Jose Ramos

Dr. Humera Naqvi is a very professional and caring Doctor, goes above and beyond for her patients. Highly recommended!

Ashley Austin

Dr. Humera Naqvi is a wonderful doctor. She is very patient professional and kind. She listens and explains always. She also has a nice sense of humor. Her office staff is courteous and efficient and are always available and extremely helpful. The staff also efficient working with your insurance and Medicare. I would recommend her highly.

Niraj Poudyal

It was my second time visiting her and she is very professional and thorough. She goes through my medical history with patience and try to rule out all possibilities before the diagnosis. I am very relieved that a friend directed me to a doctor who had time and made me feel like a human not just a new invoice.
Sumbla Khan,